Biotechjob 2.0 is the hub of the Italian Biotechnology sector. It is an initiative promoted by the Italian Association of Biotechnologists (ANBI,, under the patronage of Assobiotec, Farmindustria and with the support of bioPmed.

With this project, ANBI poses a milestone for the consolidation of biotechnology in Italy and promotes career development in the biotech landscape of Italy.

Biotechjob 2.0 aims at grouping and connecting the Italian world of biotechnology. The portal is structured into four different and highly interactive sections:

  • "Bioplayers" gathers companies and institutions active in the field of biotechnology in Italy; upon joining Biotechjob 2.0 companies can have a personal home page and get the possibility to post job offers and access CVs in the portal.
  • "Biopeople" groups over 500 professionals of biotechnology in Italy, with their CV, skills and expertise.
  • "Biojobs" hosts job and internship offers published by the Italian Bioplayers and serves to connect members’ CVs with companies and institutions active in the field.
  • "Biotechs" section aims at matching technology offers or requests and professional networking. This section represent the connection between Biotechjob and Italian Bioparks, publishing the repository of technologies and services provided by the Italian Science Parks.

Key feature of the portal is the high level of interaction between the four sections, in order to facilitate networking and integration: Biotechjob 2.0 is a dynamic and constantly evolving project and provides its members, be they companies or individuals, with up-to-date tools for their professional growth and competitiveness.